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Phone number: 03331368576
Country: UK
State: Unknown
Kind of number: Unknown
Operator: Unknown
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anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

No Msg Call back via G Voice... it was a call center maybe a bill collect they did not ID themselfs

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37


anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

Randomly text me and won't tell me who they are. Even if I don't respond to them they still message me

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

Some survey company. When I called back (a few minutes later), the survey had magically been "ended". Scammer most likely.

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

Claims to be from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) demanding either I or My lawyer call back or legal action is immanent. This is a SCAM that has been going on for some time. DO NO CALL BACK !!!

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

Another annoying overseas number which calls at 5am weekdays!!!!!

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

Answered phone call but no one was speaking on the other end

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

Marilyn grubb

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

Unknown number harassing texts

anonym2019-02-13 20:26:37

02036776132 keep calling about computer, now saying I owe money for a service I haven't had!

Anonym2019-01-16 15:06:05

Esure calling about my new policy, trying to sell add-ons.

Anonym2019-01-10 04:32:29

If it is Esure they certainly won't be getting my custom next year, hate these insurance companies trying to force their other products / services down your throat all the time! If I wanted brake down cover, courtesy car etc etc I would have added to the original policy. Back off!

Anonym2018-12-15 07:53:34

Esure car insurance usually calls back new customers.

Anonym2018-12-03 17:07:24

I took a call from the same number and I added on legal cover didn't ask for any bank details just security questions date of birth etc. Should I contact ensure direct ?

Anonym2018-09-15 10:49:39

Some guy called asking about my policy which I have renewed with them. He asked to confirm my postcode and then hung up. Some scam at their end most likely by their operators - have to make so many calls etc.

Anonym2018-08-16 00:39:12

Keep calling me. Don't know who they are. Not answering.

Anonym2018-08-08 01:07:32

Called today but didn't leave message, not sure where was from.

Anonym2018-06-16 04:12:41

This number has just called my mother making out they are from Liverpool Victoria asking for her date of birth an postcode I moaned so called said she would contact my mum via online - I’ve just rang Liverpool Victoria an they have no record of someone ringing her - lady was Scottish an Called Morag - ??

Anonym2018-05-24 13:04:36


Anonym2018-05-11 07:28:22

Ignored the call from this number- a voicemail was left but no message recorded

Anonym2018-04-22 13:05:02

Called - didnt answer and left no voicemail/message

Anonym2018-04-07 16:52:50

Apparently it is eSure, I am with eSure so may be legit?

Anonym2018-03-22 14:49:53

This call kept on ringing for a long time and was annoying, it was not answered because the number was not held on database.

Anonym2018-03-05 14:50:52

From comments, I have seen Esure pop up a few times. I have just started a policy with them and have just had a missed call from this number, so I think its safe to say it is Esure.

Anonym2018-03-04 19:11:10

they said it was used car insurance from shelas wheels - I just took out a policy with them, he gave me the date and month of my birthday and asked for my year to confirm security. I said well no I'm not calling you for a service so don't want to give out my security details. He said that's why we give you the first bit, I said yes but you could pull that info from my facebook. He claimed to be advising me to check my policy over as anything incorrect can make it obsolete. He said I can call them back but I didn't need too it was just an advisory phone call. Safe to say I'm glad I didn't give out my security information.

Anonym2018-03-02 22:27:16

I received a phone call this morning (09/01/2018) from someone claiming to work for Esure Car Insurance. Having taken out a recent car insurance policy they wanted to discuss why i hadn't selected personal injury cover and breakdown assistance. When i informed them that i get this via work he thanked me for my time. I then spoke with Esure Customer Services on 0345 603 7973 who were able to confirm that the number used is an Esure number and was able to confirm the time and name of the representative. Safe.

Anonym2018-02-13 18:07:31

Today 24/01/18 I received a similar call. I also have just taken out car insurance with Esure. The person asked if I policy met my needs and then wanted to ask further questions, i advised no time and the person said would call back tomorrow. I checked the Esure contact numbers and this number is not listed. When I looked it up on this website I saw the report which reassured me. Don't like this practice.

Anonym2018-01-08 04:28:18

Esure - They gave me partial answer to ID verification. All legitimate.

Anonym2018-01-03 17:27:11

Called at 20 to nine at night- left no message as I didn’t answer- already been called twice by a different number under similar circumstances earlier in the same day

Anonym2018-01-01 05:12:05

esure calling - I took out insurance with them yesterday- annoying

Anonym2017-12-06 21:13:56

esure calling about my renewal, I informed them my vehicle has been involved in an incident which is going through my insurance company Sheila's Wheels so obviously I'm not changing anything on my policy. Person who called was very polite and not pushy with regards to my situation

Anonym2017-11-29 03:40:28

They call me i answer the phone usk my insurance company policy no

Anonym2017-10-23 00:03:08

It's esure car insurance not the prince from Nigeria

Anonym2017-10-20 18:08:20

I dont know what they wanna but they bothers me . Even they are Esure where i have insurance . Call Center... I prefer to call when When I have free time.

Anonym2017-10-19 21:39:02

Called me. Didn't answer but left me voicemail, with just a number to call back on. Didn't say who they was or anything. Didn't call them back

Anonym2017-10-01 01:44:14


Anonym2017-09-29 02:56:39

Scam pretending to be my car insurance and trying to get bank details

Anonym2017-09-12 09:47:20

Thus number has called several times, but leaves no message. Other comments here indicate it it esure, which could be correct as I do have my insurance with them. If they are just ringing to get me to add other elements to my ever increasing costly policy then I will continue to ignore the call!

Anonym2017-08-20 10:48:04

Called today left a silent voicemail. No idea who it is

Anonym2017-07-19 03:48:38

silent call then hung up ?

Anonym2017-07-10 20:30:03

Call hang up

Anonym2017-03-29 02:40:31

same as the Esure people I have a policy but no guarantee that they are legitimate - also I don't want or need any add ons if that is the case. They may have employed a marketing company, or scammers have got hold of their database,

Anonym2017-03-03 00:02:34

silent then hung up on 3 occasions.

Anonym2017-02-13 10:25:02

Found a missed call from them on my phone. Put number into Google and was directed to this site. I am with Esure so maybe that's how they got my number.

Anonym2017-02-03 02:57:34

Esure, upselling

Anonym2017-01-22 14:33:28

Missed a call from this number, when I called back they said it was Esure insurance.

Anonym2017-01-16 13:08:22

No problems, it's ESURE CAR INSURANCE, I've just re-insured my car with them

Anonym2017-01-05 23:06:17

They have called me a few times, but usually when I am out. Or in bed. They don't bother to leave a message, but I don't really mind. It seems from other comments that it is Esure Insurance, with whom I do have my car insurance with, ringing from a different marketing type number. I'm sure they would like me to add lord knows what to my policy but as I am a poor, broke and getting on a bit lady I don't think i will answer if they call again. I'm sure it is a safe number (You can call Esure via the number on their snazzy looking website to confirm it is them) but unless you need to add a few extras or have any issues to talk through, there is no need to answer the call. So I won't. They're fine actually, I don't have any problems with them, and they seem fairly reasonable price wise.

Anonym2017-01-05 18:17:02

Esure, got insurance with them, very polite, no problem.

Anonym2016-12-16 17:24:08

Esure - Called me up and said - "Calm down dear, it's only a commercial" and hung up.

Anonym2016-11-28 21:15:39

Received a call today from this number and phoned Esure customer services, who advised that this is a legitimate Esure number. It seems to be a department that follows up on the customer's experience. The Esure customer service number, for anybody who wants to double check is 0345 603 7973.

Anonym2016-11-22 13:44:21

Didn't answer, but kept ringing.

Anonym2016-11-17 21:50:57

I missed the call... they left no voicemail and didn't call back. Not a number I recognise.

Anonym2016-09-17 18:22:15

A guy called yesterday with a Scottish accent saying he was from shelias wheels , they rang my mobile which automatically recognised the number as a fraud call and disconnected them , I've now blocked the number

Anonym2016-08-30 23:38:21

I knew this was suspicious as soon as they said it was esure as if it was the real esure they would only call me during working hours... started asking questions that wasn’t necessary. Hang up on them asap

Anonym2016-08-26 00:22:06

They asked for a person that was not me. They were polite and apologised then hung up. I didn't get a chance to ask who they were.

Anonym2016-08-08 12:09:04

Called and left a quiet mumbled voicemail ! Spam junk. Needs to be reported !

Anonym2016-08-05 19:43:25

Left no message

Anonym2016-06-07 12:35:11

Don't answer and left no voicemail

Anonym2016-06-02 22:52:50

Missed call twice, and no voicemail. The number is of Esure, I returned their call but the agent didn't know why I was called. Got called again today and was able to pickup and told them to stop calling me unnecessarily as I spent 20 minutes yesterday trying to find out what's going on I am insured with them.

Anonym2016-05-25 16:39:03

I received a phone call this morning (09/01/2018) from someone claiming to work for Esure Car Insurance. Having taken out a recent car insurance policy they wanted to discuss why i hadn't selected personal injury cover and breakdown assistance and would i be interested in taking it out. When i informed them that i get this via work he thanked me for my time. I then spoke with Esure Customer Services on 0345 603 7973 who were able to confirm that the number used is an Esure number and was able to confirm the time and name of the representative. Safe.

Anonym2016-01-31 10:36:53

Noone answering. The calls have been anytime of day and night.

Anonym2016-01-13 04:01:11


Anonym2015-12-02 19:36:13

Called but didn't leave a message. I am insured with Sheila's Wheels, which is underwritten by Esure. So it's possible Esure have a data leak is this is spam.

Anonym2015-11-26 21:10:45


Anonym2015-10-08 01:47:36

Just had this number phone me claiming to be Esure & wanting to check policy details.Wouldn't provide any details so I declined to offer them mine.If this is Esure they need to revise their follow up calls.

Anonym2015-08-25 15:46:20

Esure insurance

Anonym2015-07-14 06:59:07

Phoned up asking for personal information such as DOB and address etc

Anonym2015-05-24 08:59:13

Lady claiming to be from Sheila's Wheels as I've just taken out a policy but I'm not convinced that's who it was, told them I was at work and I will call back later. She said nothing to worry about it was just a courtesy call.

Anonym2015-05-20 19:36:49

Called at 20 to nine at night- left no message as I didn’t answer- already been called twice by a different number under similar circumstances earlier in the same day

Anonym2015-05-08 16:58:21

Missed a call from this number, when I called back they said it was Esure insurance.

Anonym2015-04-20 11:09:40

Esure, harassing me to take out add-ons to my policy which I'm not interested in. Quite insistent on the phone, and have repeatedly tried phoning me over the last week. Today they've phoned me on my work mobile number, which I never gave them, and they must have found on my company's website. Definitely won't be renewing with them next year.

Anonym2015-03-24 11:50:26

Phoned and spoke to my wife claiming to be esure. Asked my wife if she was happy with her policy, and what cover she had. She told them, and then they hung up. After hearing the call I thought it seemed very suspicious, so we called esure back (from the number listed) on their website and enquired about it. Apparantely the number is legit; though I consider this practice highly dubious, as they provided no identifying information to help verify it's them other than your name and that they're esure.

Anonym2015-03-07 01:24:55

Called didn't answer and left no voicemail

Anonym2015-02-22 01:44:00

claimed to be esure. but was asking to confirm bank details etc.

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rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

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